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Presence is a space to connect deeply with Nature, Self, and the Present Moment. For us, these are fundamental cornerstones for healthful, peaceful, and sustainable ways of living in true connection with Life.

Our retreat offerings can be booked anytime for personal retreats or group journeys.

Retreat Offerings


Get Out of Town

Weekend Rejuvenation



Three nights in tranquil Les Waterfall Valley with rejuvenating healing therapies, nourishing organic food, and a holy water purification.

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Your True Nature

Nature Immersion Retreat


Immerse in the Aliveness within and without. Here we'll focus on: Self-as-Nature connection practices, humanity's dynamic role within the vast ecological system we call Life, regenerative Earth stewardship, and playing in the mud! Daily waterfall QiGong, organic local food, wild foraging, and plenty more.

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The Guru Within You

Self-Discovery Retreat


A deep dive into holistic practices for genuine self-discovery and personal transformation. Aligned with the mantra: "You are your own healer," receive training and therapeutic sessions from highly-experienced facilitators and energy workers to help you empower yourself with tools and perspectives for taking greater responsibility for your own healing. Daily yoga, family constellation ceremonies, nervous-system regulation practices, and more.

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Remember To PLAY

Adult "Kid's Camp" Retreat


Four fun-filled days led by qualified youth mentors and retreat facilitators for adults who are ready to take life a little less seriously—who want to reconnect with childlike joy and develop a practical living relationship with the child within.

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Awake from the Dream

Conscious Awareness Retreat


It's not all about yoga, or meditation, or self-love, or communing with Nature. This is a holistic approach for uncovering what's authentic for you and stepping into that, while nestled in a pristine valley of healing waters.

Creative Harmony

Singing & Music Retreat


Every moment of Life is improvised, no matter how much we practice or plan. When we apply that to Music, we expand our range of creative potential. Explore and expand your musical creativity through improvisation, collective song-building techniques, deep listening practices, musical breathwork, and more.

Clear & Now

Fasting & Healing Retreat


Spring water fasting is an ancient tradition to cleanse the body, mind & spirit. Coupled with meditation, we create space for deep self-reflection & healing. Our role is to hold a safe space for your healing and deepen your journey with empowering practices.

Being, Not Me-ing

Self-Inquiry Retreat


Guided by the book, Being, Not Me–ing, author Michael Zeff leads us on a 5-day journey through potent lessons on the nature of self, identity, illusion, attachment, and fundamentally, Being.


Natural Energy Healing

Reiki 1 Certification Training & Healing Retreat


What's the origin of your life-force? How does your heart know to beat? These are entry-points into the vast realm of natural energetics. In this retreat you will explore & receive training in the natural energy modalities of Reiki & QiGong, and commune first-hand with the raw magnificence of Nature’s true power.


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